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Oven Cleaning

All Cleenze believe ovens that are used on a regular basis should be

cleaned Every 6-12 Months to stop the build up of Carbon potentially damaging the Oven, Fan or Elements. 

Some Oven Cleaner brands, If NOT used correctly, WILL corrode the Enamel and the elements in an oven. PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHEN USING THEM or consider All Cleenze doing the Hard work For you. We only use safe Bio- Degradable Chemicals as our team use them day in, day out.


Single Oven £60

Double Oven £70

Range Masters £100-£110

Hobs £10

Extractor Fans £15

Replacement Oven Bulb £5

Replacement Extractor Fan Filter Pad £5

All Prices Include VAT.

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